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Battling chronic ailments. Evolving science. Improving quality of life. Even helping people get a better night’s sleep. Our portfolio companies are positively impacting the world every day with their visionary people and life-changing products.

What they do.

Breas is a leading global provider of homecare ventilation and sleep therapy products. This includes a comprehensive line of respiratory medical devices from CPAP to Homecare Life Support Ventilation and everything in between.


PBM oversees the business, which operates three companies in 40 countries.

Achievement of note:

Since its inception in Sweden in 1991, Breas has an installed base of over 400,000 units and has an impressive track record of developing innovative products.

How they’re improving the quality of people’s lives:

Breas provides those needing mechanical ventilation and other assistance innovative devices that maximize comfort, mobility and safety. The upshot is that they can spend more time in the comfort of their home and less time in the hospital.