A founder-centric platform

Our entrepreneurial heritage starts with our founder, Paul Manning who built PBM Products from scratch with less than $1 million invested and grew it to the world’s leading provider of private label infant formula to over 50,000 retail stores. PBM Products was sold to Perrigo, a public pharma company, for over $800 million. After this transaction, Paul formed PBM Capital in 2010 to provide dedicated capital to healthcare investments.

PBM Capital currently has several platform operating companies, developing several life-changing pharmaceutical products.

Our recent portfolio wins include AveXis (acquired by Novartis), Dova (IPO) and Verrica (IPO).

We look for companies whose aspirations are consistent with our thesis and run by entrepreneurs we trust and admire.


PBM Capital Group is a healthcare dedicated venture investment firm that invests and operates companies in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. We partner with exceptional scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs who have developed game-changing technology that can improve and save the lives of millions of people.

Building a company is hard.  We bring proven operational capabilities and expertise to enable our portfolio companies to develop revolutionary products. We know how to build winning companies.