Revolutionizing Growth.

PBM Capital Group is a private investment firm primarily focused on investing in healthcare-related opportunities. Led by seasoned healthcare entrepreneur Paul B. Manning, PBM Capital Group provides venture capital to promising science and growth-minded companies, as well as buyout capital for companies with unique competitive advantages.

“If you are not making mistakes,
you are probably not trying hard enough.”

– Paul B. Manning, PBM Capital Group Founder & CEO

Our Value

Our Value.

We provide scientists and entrepreneurs with the resources to bring products to market and take businesses to the next level. Our team creates long-term value by applying extensive industry knowledge, leveraging strategic relationships, and providing superior operational expertise. Underscoring this approach is an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of the start-up mentality. We are very hands-on when funding companies, sometimes assuming short-term operating roles and always proactively guiding a portfolio company throughout its growth.

Our Sweet Spot

Our Sweet Spot.

The firm's investments span a range of industry sectors, including life science, specialty pharmaceutical, medical devices, health/wellness and consumer products.

PBM Capital seeks to create revolutionary companies with innovative products that can change the world and improve the quality of people’s lives.