Potential. Maximized.

PBM Capital knows what it’s like to lead companies on journeys that result in high growth and life-changing impacts. That’s because we have been on our own journey. Initially founded to manage the private healthcare-related investments of Paul B. Manning and his family, we’ve evolved to share our growth lessons, capital and ample resources with like-minded organizations. The firm’s permanent capital base is fundamental to our culture and strategy, and differentiates PBM Capital in how it operates and invests. This long-term horizon ultimately affords PBM Capital the opportunity to participate in unique engagements with great structural flexibility.

“Challenge your team to outperform.
Make it better and do it faster than you think you can.”

– Paul B. Manning, PBM Capital Group Founder & CEO

Teaching Speed. Without Limits

At PBM Capital, we’re always seeking to share our dynamic entrepreneurial mindset with our portfolio companies. We work to instill expediency in all of these partners, looking to bring disruptive technology and innovation to market as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. We strive to create long-term value by applying extensive industry knowledge, operational expertise and significant financial resources to attractive investment opportunities. We’re fair, but we push when we see real potential.

Growth for the Greater Good

PBM Capital team members understand that the firm’s greatest strength is its reputation. Any actions that we take with respect to our capital or business partners must be heavily influenced by their potential effect on how we’re perceived in the marketplace. At the same time, these actions must be reflective of our core values and conducted with authenticity.

We believe that investing our reputation is just as important as investing our capital. In working with prospective partners, we seek to establish a mutual understanding of and respect for our approach to investing.