Meet your impact makers.

Our people are your growth engine. And we can only accelerate the evolution from start-up to booming enterprise by hiring professionals with the integrity to support all of our portfolio companies as if they were their own.

That’s exactly what we’ve done.

A wealth of experience.

CEOs, operations executives and entrepreneurs. In research and development, finance and legal. From Fortune 500 enterprises down to start-ups with jaw-dropping upside. These are our people. PBM Capital Group team represents a wide range of perspectives, experiences, backgrounds and verticals. With this multi-disciplinary approach, we’re able to grow our portfolio companies with a built-in system of checks and balances.

This is critical for good growth that’s sustainable and scalable.

The character to grow.

The character to grow.

We’ve carefully cultivated our team so that we help yours flourish without exception. So many companies can claim the ability to change businesses for the better. But when it comes to changing lives, from employees to customers, it requires a much higher standard. This foundation of exceptional character was laid by PBM Capital Group Founder, CEO and Chairman Paul Manning, and continues to this day.

Additionally, all of our team members are invested in the firm’s success because they have all invested their own capital into the growth of our company – and those we’re working tirelessly to get to the next level.