Candel Therapeutics is a clinical stage biotechnology company pioneering the development of viral based immunotherapies for the treatment of solid tumors. Its proprietary platforms include Gene Mediated Cytotoxic Immunotherapy (GMCI™) and rQNestin34.5.

The first platform, GMCI™ is an "off the shelf" low toxicity adenovirus based immunotherapy that causes immunogenic tumor cell death, stimulating a hyper-immunogenic microenvironment and generating an individual specific, robust and precise systemic response from the patient's own immune system against his or her cancer. GMCI™ has been evaluated in 11 completed clinical trials and 5 ongoing clinical trials across multiple indications including prostate, brain, pancreas and lung cancers. With over 1,200 patient doses in 650 patients, GMCI™ has meaningful evidence suggesting it is well tolerated and safe.

The lead program is undergoing a phase 3 registration clinical trial for the treatment of localized prostate cancer under a Special Protocol Assessment agreement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. If proven efficacious, this product candidate will be the first and only therapeutic pharmaceutical available for localized prostate cancer patients. In addition, GMCI is phase 3 ready for newly diagnosed malignant glioma.

The second platform, rQNestin34.5 is an immuno-oncology approach that uses a genetically modified oncolytic herpes simplex virus engineered for enhanced potency. Conditional ICP34.5 expression in the presence of Nestin greatly improves replication and oncolytic activity of HSV. This product candidate is currently being tested in a Phase 1 clinical study in patients with recurrent malignant glioma.


Founded 1999
Partnered 2018