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What they do.

Archer has developed a scalable platform that sets a new standard in molecular diagnostics. One platform performs all assays and can accurately detect all genomic variations in all specimen and cancer types including solid tumors, blood cancers and sarcomas.


PBM was one of the initial investors in the platform developed by two M.D./PhDs out of Massachusetts General and a seasoned sequencing PhD from Stanford. Now the company has over 80 employees, sells its kits worldwide and has partnered with many leading sequencing companies, such as Illumina (NASDAQ:ILMN) and pharmaceutical companies, such as Ignyta (NASDAQ:RXDX)

Achievement of Note:

Recently, Memorial Sloan Kettering used a custom designed Archer kit to uncover an AKT gene fusion in Patient Z’s tumor cells. Because there was not an approved drug for targeted AKT therapy, MSK physicians went on a hunt to find a clinical trial. Through an amazing web of networking, MSK and an Archer employee found a clinical trial for a compound that inhibits AKT activity. Patient Z is now in the trial and we are monitoring the compound’s ability to improve the patient’s condition.

How they‘re improving the quality of peoples lives:

Archer is diagnosing genomic variations to assist physicians prescribe therapies that help fight cancers. Archer is also developing companion diagnostic assays with pharmaceutical companies to help patients identify problems earlier and receive treatment with a corresponding pharmaceutical drug that provides help.