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What they do.

Quantapore is focused on the development and commercialization of an ultra low-cost, high-throughput DNA sequencing platform. Based in Menlo Park, CA, the company was founded in 2009 and is well on its way to the commercialization of its novel sequencing platform.


Quantapore is in development of its revolutionary sequencing platform that will combine low cost, long reads, simple workflow and fast sample-to-result turnaround time. Because of this, it holds the promise to be one of the world’s leading sequencing system providers.

Achievement of Note:

Quantapore recently closed a Series C financing round led by China BioPharma Capital I, a venture capital fund advised by TVM Capital Life Science via its Hong Kong based office.

How they‘re improving the quality of peoples lives:

Quantapore is seeking to be a catalyst in the personalized medicine revolution by providing physicians with a low-cost method of sequencing genes rapidly in order to match patients with therapies that can help save and improve lives.